Assigning Classes (Reg Groups) to your Pupils

If you have a two (or more) form entry school, you'll often need to be able to filter/group to individual classes as well as to each year group.

If you're a single form entry school and struggling to see your pupils, you may have a Class filter turned on instead of a Year Group filter. If you need help, just get in touch.

Unfortunately, class information isn't included in the CTF that Insight receives as part of your normal process of updating pupils. However, admin users of Insight can import classes (reg groups) into Insight by following the steps below.

  1. In Insight, go to Admin > Manage Pupils
  2. Click the Update Classes button over on the right
  3. Choose either Update from MIS or Update Manually
  4. Follow the steps on screen and you're done!

The Excel file must have a UPN column, and Class or Reg Group column.
Using SIMS? You can find out how to export your class list here.

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