Filters & Groups: Disadvantaged

You can use Insight's filtering and grouping options to filter your Disadvantaged children.

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Insight uses the DfE's definition of 'disadvantaged'. While the DfE count FSM6, LAC and adopted; The Ofsted handbook definition currently also includes SEND and children in care. The Ofsted produced school Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) uses the DfE definition, however. Insight uses the DfE definition for these reasons.

The Disadvantaged status of a pupil can be either explicitly set, or automatically inferred from other profile information.

Users with Admin access to Insight, can set the Disadvantaged status by editing a pupil's profile.

When set to Auto, Insight will infer Disadvantaged from other statuses:

  • Ever 6 FSM
  • Ever In Care
Your MIS is taken to be the source of truth. If you change anything in Insight, then conflicting information from your MIS, Insight will update to match the MIS' information.

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