Filters & Groups: Ethnicity

If you have imported your pupils into Insight via a CTF, this will sync your pupils' ethnicity from your MIS into Insight. Ethnicity is shown on the Pupil's page in the Profile section:

See the Resources section below for a full list of ethnicity codes.

Reporting on Pupils by Ethnicity

Once this information is in Insight, you can use the filters and groups to analyse your data by ethnicity.

To look at one particular ethnic group, click Filter Pupils, then choose Ethnicity:

Click the new filter to choose the ethnicity you want to report on. Insight will only list the ethnicities of pupils in your school so your list may be different to the image below:

To remove the filter when you're finished, click the remove icon next to it. 

To compare pupils by their ethnicity, click Group Pupils, then choose Ethnicity:

If you choose All Ethnicities, Insight will group all pupils into their respective ethnic groups. If you choose a specific ethnicity, Insight will create one group containing pupils with that ethnicity and one group containing everyone else.

To remove the grouping when you're finished, click the remove icon next to it.


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