Import Pupils & Data into Insight

You can use Insight's Update Pupils process to:

  • Import new pupils
  • Archive pupils who've left the school
  • Update FSM, Pupil Premium and SEN records
  • Update contextual pupil information such as Ethnicity
  • Update your classes / registration groups
  • Import statutory assessment data - SATs, Phonics, EYFSP (CTF only)
  • Update attendance records (CTF only)

We recommend updating your pupils using a Common Transfer File (CTF), because these files include detailed attendance, FSM and SEN information as well as statutory assessment data.

1. Export a CTF from your MIS

You'll need to export a CTF from your MIS containing the pupils you want to update (usually all pupils on roll) and save it on your computer.

If you're using SIMS or RM Integris, skip to one of the guides below for details on how to export your CTF and then import it into Insight:

Import Pupils & Data from SIMS »

Import Pupils & Data from RM Integris »

Please follow the links below to be directed to the relevant MIS help guides on exporting a CTF:

If you're using another MIS and need help exporting your CTF, please contact your MIS provider for assistance.

If you aren't able to generate a CTF, you can also import pupils from an Excel spreadsheet.

2. Import your CTF into Insight

Navigate to the Admin page and choose Manage Pupils:

Admin-Manage Pupils

Click the Update Pupils button:


Click the CTF File button:


Click the Choose file button. Navigate to the CTF you exported to your computer (you're looking for a filename that ends with .xml) and click Open:


Once you've chosen your file, review the changes that will be made. Insight will show which pupils will be added, updated and archived (if any):


You can choose not to apply a set of changes by un-ticking in the appropriate box:


When you're ready, click Apply the Selected Changes to finish.

Once the CTF has been imported into Insight you can delete it from your computer.

3. Import your Classes (optional)

CTFs don't include class information, so if you want to track classes you'll need to import this information separately. Click Update Classes to get started:


Follow the steps on screen and you're finished!

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