Add, Edit and Remove School Staff

When you start your trial of Insight, we'll get your first admin user set up. If we're helping you set up a "trust" - a group of schools with group-level reporting - you'll need a trust admin user too. From then on, admin users of a school can manage staff access to the school account, and trust admin users can manage access at the trust level.

Manage your school's users

Choose Admin from the Account menu, then Users. From the staff management screen you can add, edit and remove users, see the last login and access level for each user, and (if relevant) re-send welcome emails to staff who haven't yet logged in:

Insight's staff management screen
Note, you can't edit or remove your own access. If you need to do so, and there isn't another Admin user on the account who could action this, please get in touch.
Add new staff

Click the Add Staff button. You’ll see a window pop up:

Add the email addresses of any staff you'd like to add and choose an access level.

It's important that individuals accessing any Insight account, even temporarily, have their own credentials (username and password). Check out our recommended user security practices here.

Click the Add button when you’re ready.

You can copy and paste in a list of email addresses here if you're adding lots of staff at once. If that case, we recommend setting all the users to the Normal level of access, then adjusting afterwards as needed.

You’re done! Insight will send your staff member(s) an email inviting them to create a password and log in. Find details on what they'll see here.

If an identical email address is added to multiple Insight accounts, that user will have access to every school they're added to. They'll be able to switch between schools using the My Account menu. A user won't receive an email invitation if they already have Insight credentials with another school.
Edit/remove existing staff

Use the Edit or Remove buttons next to a user as required. You can change a user's email address, which they use to sign in, and their access level. Users can change their own names via the My Account > User Profile menu.


If a member of staff doesn’t receive their invitation email within a few hours, ask them to check their spam or clutter folder. It’s also worth double-checking that their email address has been entered correctly. If you continue to have trouble seeing an invitation email, or need any other help, just get in touch.

Insight's transactional emails, including the invitation email to new users, are sent from It's useful to add this address to your school's whitelist for email contacts.

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