User Access Levels

Admin users of a school can manage staff access to the school account, and trust admin users can manage access at the trust level.

All users should have the minimum access level required for them to meet their needs. It's a good idea to regularly review who has access to your account. See our guide on User Access Security - Recommended Practices for more.

School access levels

Access Level



"Can view pupils and enter assessments".

This level of access is perfect for teachers who only need to enter assessments and/or do data analysis.


"Can update pupil records, manage staff and alter school settings."

This level of access is for school administrators, who need to be able to manage the school's settings: change term dates, manage Assessment Types, manage staff, etc.

Users without admin access can find out who the account admins are by clicking Admin in the Account menu (top right) and choosing Users.


"Read-only access, with pupil names hidden."

This access type grants access to anonymised data. It's read-only access, so these users can't enter or change any assessments or other information. Users can access the Reports menu, but not the Pupils or Objectives area, making this perfect for data-loving governors.

Trust access levels

Access Level


Trust Reporting Only

"Access to trust-level reports, but not individual schools."

School Reporting

"Access to anonymised cohort reports in each school."

School User

"Access to each school, including pupil details and data entry."

School Admin

"Like School User, but also with admin access to each school."

Trust Admin

"Admin access to each school, plus the ability to manage trust-level user access."

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