Network Requirements

Insight is a web-based application. Your network must allow access to the following domain names:

Sometimes school networks block domain names, which prevents Insight from working.

If Insight is failing to load, then please ask your IT or network administrator to check if the above domain names need to be unblocked. Also check that any sub-domains of them are permitted e.g. *

System Emails

Insight sends "transactional" or "system" emails when an event occurs which relates to your account. For example, when a new user is added, or a user wants to reset their password. These are sent from We recommend schools add this email address to their whitelist of approved senders if possible.

We also recommend whitelisting to ensure you receive any important messages from our support team (for example, if we need to contact you in the rare event that Insight is experiencing issues).

We will never send marketing emails from either of these email addresses.

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