Export class list from SIMS

  1. In SIMS, go to Reports and click "Create a new report".
  2. Select "Students" and click Next.
  3. In Refine Data Area, select "On roll" and click Next.
  4. Add "UPN" and "Reg Group" fields to be included in the report. (These are found in the "Registration..." list.) Then click Next.
  5. In Apply Filter, select [no filter] and click Next.
  6. In Define Sort Order, click Next.
  7. Click "Use Effective Date" and click Next.
  8. In Define presentations, select "Excel" from the list and click Next.
  9. Click "Run my report".
  10. The report will open in Excel. Close the print preview and save the file.
  11. Upload the file to Insight, via Admin > Manage Pupils > Update Classes

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