Insight Estimates for National Results

During the period when schools have started entering the results of statutory assessments, but the official national figures are yet to be released (which can be several months in many cases) Insight is able to calculate provisional estimated national values based on the data held for all Insight-subscribing schools.

Use of Estimates in Insight reports

In reports, an estimated value is indicated with a ~ symbol before it (currently only available in the Statutory Assessments report for schools and the Statutory Assessments report for trusts). Note that estimates are liable to change as sample sizes increase (see below).

Estimates are replaced in reports with official figures when they are released. See Statutory Tests: National Statistics Results & Statistics Schedules for dates.

During the period when there is no official national figure nor a large enough sample to calculate an Insight estimate, a dash (-) is displayed in the National cell.

Sample Sizes

Estimates are calculated once we have a sample of at least 10,000 data entries. They are automatically updated as more data is entered. The sample size tends to quickly rise to 65,000+. You can view our latest sample sizes here.


Based on prior comparisons, the Insight estimates are likely to be within 1 percentage point of the final national figures or closer.

Key Stage 1

For Key Stage 1, many schools are still choosing to assess pupils, so we collect the results and estimate the national statistics for interest and comparison purposes. Note that only assessments entered on the statutory assessment marksheets are evaluated. If you’ve moved away from national assessments at KS1 and are no longer entering SAT TA data (ie PKS/WTS/EXS/GDS) into Insight, then your data will not be included.

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