Importing KS2 Scaled Scores and Teacher Assessments

The KS2 Scaled Scores for 2023-24 will be available for schools to download on Tuesday 9th July from the government's Primary Assessment Gateway. For more guidance on getting your results, please see Key stage 2 tests: how to access results and test scripts

Once these are available, they can be downloaded as a Common Transfer File (CTF) and imported into Insight.

Import scores into Insight

Navigate to the Enter Data > Statutory Assessments page and choose Key Stage 2 - Scaled Scores and Teacher Assessments.

This will display a page with three steps. Step 1 is to download a CTF of KS2 results from the Primary Assessment Gateway. Insight will import both the scaled scores and any teacher assessments present in the CTF.

In Step 2, click Choose File and select the CTF. Then click Upload.

After a few moments, the results should be display in a table in Step 3.

Review the data, and if everything looks OK, click Save Assessments. Once saved, you can click View Report to see an Attainment Overview.

Analysing your SAT Scaled Scores

Insight records KS2 Scaled Scores under the Assessment Name: SAT Scaled Score.

You can view your scaled scores via any of Insight's reports, but a good place to start is with the Statutory Assessments report. This will provide a summary of all results. It compares them against national estimates, and ranks your school against other schools using Insight.

Statutory Assessments report comparing school results to nationals

Another useful report is the Overviews - Attainment report. If you set it up using the controls shown below, you'll see a visual summary of what percentage of the cohort met the expected standard:

Please note that Insight is using the "high score" threshold from previous years of 110. In the unlikely event of the government changing this once the national data is released, Insight will be updated accordingly.

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