Statutory Tests: National Statistics Results & Statistics Schedules

Statutory Assessment Dates

You can view the schedule for future test dates and submission deadlines here:

Submitting Statutory Test Results

Schools must submit statutory results to the government through a variety of methods:

  • Reception Baseline assessment (RBa): automatically collected via RBa portal
  • EYFS Profile (EYFSP): to Local Authority
  • Phonics: to Local Authority
  • Optional Key Stage 1 (KS1) tests: no longer statutory and not collected from 2023-24
  • Multiplication Tables Check (MTC): automatically collected via MTC portal.
  • Key Stage 2 (KS2) tests: KS2 Teacher Assessments are submitted via the Primary Assessment Gateway. All pupils receive a Teacher Assessment in writing and science; pupils working below the KS2 test standard receive an EM/PKS assessment in all subjects. All other test papers are sent for external marking.

National Results Release Schedule

  • Reception Baseline assessment (RBa): Schools are not given their RBa results at any point. There is no national release of RBA data. 
  • EYFS Profile (EYFSP): national results are released mid-Autumn (usually November of the following academic year).
  • Phonics: national results are released via the Primary Assessment Gateway in mid-Autumn (usually October the following academic year)
  • Optional Key Stage 1 (KS1) tests: no longer statutory and from 2023-24 there will be no national data release.
  • Multiplication Tables Check (MTC): national results are released mid-Autumn (usually November of the following academic year).
  • Key Stage 2 (KS2) 1st stage: provisional national figures are released via a 'statistical first release' on the same day as school results, which is usually in the second week of July. Schools view and export these test results from the Primary Assessment Gateway. This includes percentages achieving expected standards in each subject and combined. It does not include percentage achieving GDS/high scores.
  • Key Stage 2 (KS2) 2nd stage: provisional national figures are released at the start of September. This includes percentages achieving GDS/high scores as well as a breakdown by pupil group, region, and LA. This coincides with the start of the Tables Checking Exercise, during which schools receive their progress scores.

Some national figures are made available via Analyse School Performance (ASP).

Insight National Estimates

During the period when schools have started entering the results of statutory assessments, but the official national figures are yet to be released (which can be several months in many cases) Insight is able to calculate provision estimated national values based on the data held for all Insight-subscribing schools. We're also able to estimate national figures for KS1. See more in our guide here.

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