Provision Mapping - Introduction

Insight's Provision Mapping tool enables you to record and review the provisions put in place to support pupils' learning in your school.

Centred on a straightforward Provision Map page, the tool is designed to allow rapid review of the range and scope of your provisions and, most importantly, support the planning and decision-making process.

Using this tool, you can keep a record of the various types of provision offered to support pupils' learning, the pupils in receipt of those provisions, the number of sessions scheduled, costs involved, and an assessment of effectiveness.

Using Provision Mapping in Insight

There are three guides detailing the complete process:

  • Setting up and managing
    Supports Admin users to create the different Interventions in place in your school and add associated costs, if required. This initial setup must be completed before any pupil groups may be added.
  • Adding provision groups
    Details the process of adding groups, including the pupils and scheduling.
  • Using the provision map
    Walks through ongoing group management and how to record the effectiveness of the group, for each pupil, in order to judge its success.

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