Managing your Assessment Types

Assessment Types define the various non-statutory assessments you want to record in Insight.

An Assessment Type can limit the subjects and mark schemes that can be used when entering data, so you can set things up exactly as you want them to reduce the chances of mistakes being made when data is entered.

Configuring your Assessment Types

By default, you'll start with just a Main Assessment. This is for your principal, regular assessment (usually a termly teacher assessment).

When you start a free trial, we'll recommend arranging a call with one of our experts to help you set up any other Assessment Types exactly as you need them. Our data processing team may also set up other Assessment Types based on any historical assessment data you send to be inputted.

Your Admin level users can then add, remove and configure your Assessment Types as needed via Admin > Change School Settings > Assessment Types. Or get in touch with our technical support team any time.

You can't rename Assessment Types which have assessments recorded against them. You can remove the Assessment Types from all menus by deleting them, or make them read-only if you want to look at historical assessments in reports but don't want data being saved against them going forwards.

Recommendations for Assessment Types

You can record as many assessments as you like in Insight. For example, you might want to record both a reading age and a standardised score from a standardised test. These would each need to be set up as a separate Assessment Type.

This pupil has five Assessment Types for last summer in Reading:

Unique Assessment Types
Assessments which are for different subjects or different terms don’t need a unique name, so you shouldn’t need to include these in the Assessment Name. Instead of Autumn NFER or Reading NFER, just use NFER.

If you're setting up Assessment Types and can't find a mark scheme that you need, just get in touch with the technical support team.


If you're part of a Trust, some/all of your Assessment Types may be configured centrally at the Trust level. You'll see this warning:

Trust Assessment Types

You can add Assessment Types on your school's page if they're unique to your setting. If you add an Assessment Type to your school with the same name as a Trust level one, your school's settings will override the Trust settings.

Trust users can managed centralised Assessment Types via the Trust Admin menu:

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