Managing Your Objective Statements

Admin users of Insight can add, edit, re-order and archive objective statements. Choose Admin from the Account menu in the top right, then Objectives from the admin page to get started.

1) Adding new objectives

To add a new objective, first choose an Objective Grid from the list (usually grids are organised by subject name).

Tip: If you need to add a new subject, choose Add New Grid

Next, click the New Objective button.

You'll need to choose the Year Group or Period your objective relates to. This might be a year group, a key stage, a Development Matters age band or something else.

Tip: If you need a new period adding to your list, let us know.

Once you've selected your Period, you can enter a Strand, the Objective Text and mark whether the objective is a Key Objective or not. Visibility Start refers to visibility on the main objectives screen.

When you're finished, click the OK or OK add another button (or Cancel to discard what you've entered).

2) Editing existing objectives 

You can edit an existing objective if you need to:

  • Reword
  • Replace
  • Archive
  • Set as a Key Objective
  • Modify visibility dates
  • Move to a period
  • Move to a strand

Editing an existing objective will preserve any data already assessed against it on the Objective Grids.

First choose your grid from the list then highlight the relevant objective statement. This will open up a 'menu' of editing tools on the right-hand side of your screen:

You are able to select more than one objective using the 'Shift' and 'Ctrl' keys.

Select the relevant editing tool, change as required, then click OK when you're done, or Cancel to discard your changes:

All the statements that have been edited will be colour coded until you select Save all Changes.

The colours reflect the following changes:

Save all changes before leaving this page

If you need a more complete overhaul of your existing statements, please get in touch with us for advice.

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