Changing or Deleting Assessments in Insight

Changing or Deleting Assessments in Insight

There are two main ways to change assessments in Insight depending on whether you need to change one or two or lots!

  1. Change Individual Assessments

Individual assessments can be changed or deleted from the Pupil page. Click on the individual assessment to open the Edit Assessment window. Here you can change the

  • Subject
  • Assessment Name
  • Year Group of the assessment
  • Term of the assessment
  • Assessed On date (optional - mainly used for Age-based assessments)
  • Mark, or assessment itself

Select the new option from the relevant drop-down list and click on the Save button at the bottom.

If the Mark is grey and Read Only this normally means the mark scheme has been made inactive. Please get in touch if you need a historical mark scheme activating (e.g. for historical SAT assessments).

To delete the assessment click on the Delete button in the bottom left corner and then again on the red Confirm Delete button if you are sure! This will completely remove the assessment from the system.

  1. Change Multiple Assessments

    The easiest way to change lots of assessments together is for an Insight Administrator to use the Transfer Assessments tool on the Admin menu. The Admin menu can be accessed with the button in the top left of the screen. From here you can change the:
  • Subject
  • Assessment year
  • Assessment term
  • Assessment Name

You can choose to either Copy or Move the assessments which can let you either duplicate or amend a batch of assessments. Copy can be used to duplicate assessments to act as a new benchmark, for example. Move can be used to correct any assessments if any of the details above are incorrect.

  1. Delete Multiple Assessments

The Support Team can delete multiple assessments for you. Please get in touch using the details below if you are sure you no longer need them. We will need to have as many details as possible (pupil details and assessment specifics) to make sure we delete the correct assessments!

If you have any questions please contact the Support Team on or 020 3393 4005.

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