Significant change log

This page details significant Insight updates. Only updates that affect the user experience are detailed.

May 2023

  • Multi Academy Trust reports released
    • Demographics
    • Attainment Overview
    • Progress Overview
    • Progress Matrix
    • Tables
  • MTC added to the Statutory Data report
  • EYFS GLD national comparison added to Statutory Assessments report
  • UI refresh, Parent reports may now be previewed for selected pupil
  • Demographics report
    • Minority Ethnic added
    • Filter bar added
  • Learning Plan Target Review comments, for Not Reviewed, now display in the Targets table
  • Provision Map now responds to pupil filters and has also been tweaked to show realistic Sessions, Time & Cost for 1:1 groups
  • MAT feature - Tables, Attainment/Progress Overviews, Progress Matrix, Scatter & Pupils page all now retain settings if you change school
  • Enter Data > Excel Assessments now supports 'Allow blanks to overwrite existing assessments'
  • Postcode added to pupil profile
  • Parent report placeholder added for objective pronoun, him/her
Bug fixes

April 2023

  • Beta Demographics report for Trusts
  • Import Home emails from CTF (unreleased)
  • Sync Home emails with Wonde (unreleased)
  • Parent Reports
    • Allow invalid placeholders
      • A warning will display in Reports > Parent Reports if a template is previewed with invalid placeholders
      • Any template with invalid placeholders will also be indicated in Admin > Parent Report templates
    • Removed ability to Replace Insight templates
    • Missing Placeholder data now displays as blank rather than (none)
  • Preset Headlines Reports updated and added Trust versions
  • Attainment Overview and Progress Overview reports now default to Reading, Writing and Maths
Bug fixes
  • Prevent an error with headline reports where the term is set to a half term but the school assessment frequency has since been changed to termly

March 2023

  • Display statutory assessments on Pupil's Profile tab
  • Added Learning Plans report
  • Parent Reports
    • Added new 'End of year' parent report template
    • Calendar based Placeholders for Parent Reports Selected Term, Date etc
    • Assessment Placeholder: Selected term
    • Custom File name for export
  • Beta Trust Reports (limited access)
    • Scatter Graphs
    • Attainment Overview
    • Progress Overview
    • Progress Matrix
  • New Trust Home page
  • New Trust School Switcher menu
  • Learning Plan Placeholder for Owner
  • Progress Matrix
    • Supports click to show names
    • Added options for Pupil Count (Percentage) 
  • Parent reports
    • Parent reports downloaded from Pupils > Parent Reports tab now respect any custom filename set in Admin > Parent Report Templates
    • Template menu now organises school and Insight templates more clearly
    • Improved Parent Reports, Phonics template
    • Removed 'Custom' parent report template
  • Trust Headline reports enabled for all Trusts
  • For Trust Users, renamed the 'Mosaic Only' user type to 'Trust Reporting'
  • Learning Plans
  • Template name displayed in header, if there is more than one in use by the school
  • An overall Owner is now indicated at the top
  • Owner is also added to the Subscribers automatically and cannot be removed from the Subscriber list
  • Replaced Learning Plans Delete function with Archive
  • When in Private Mode, page content hidden if it contains pupil details
Bug fixes
  • Tables - Fixed bug where trust shared tables list was not loading
  • Provision Mapping - Pupils are consistently sorted by name

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