Parent Reports - Introduction

At the end of the academic year, or perhaps each term, schools need to produce reports to send home to parents. These reports can contain pupil details, attainment results, comments, targets, etc. Ideally they'll also match the school’s identity in terms of colours, fonts, logo, etc.

Insight’s Parent Reports feature makes all this as easy as possible. It uses Word documents as templates for reports, so schools can fully customise the layout, colours and logo.

Comment boxes for each pupil provide a place for teacher comments, targets or any other text. The template system supports special “placeholders” that define where to insert data for each pupil.

If your school is just getting started with this feature, school admin users should read this guide first:

Parent Reports - Creating and Managing Report Templates

If you're all set up and looking for help writing your reports, follow the link below:

Parent Reports - Entering Comments and completing

If you're interested in using Insight to email parent reports home, this guide has all you need:

Parent Reports - Emailing to parents

If you'd like a complete video guide to Parent Reports and emailing, we posted a webinar recording from March 2024.

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