Entering Special Consideration for KS2 SAT Scaled Scores

Special consideration allows schools to highlight where pupils’ key stage 2 (KS2) test results may be affected by extremely distressing circumstances at the time of the tests. It is intended to cover a narrow range of circumstances and is for exceptional cases only.

From the DfE's guidance: Key Stage 2 tests: special consideration guidance.

Entering Special Consideration into Insight

The CTF specification does not include provision for special consideration. Once you've imported your KS2 Scaled Scores, you'll need to manually edit pupils' results in Insight to indicate where a pupil has been given special consideration.

Please note that importing a CTF which includes KS2 pupils and their statutory assessment will override any special consideration indicators which you've already entered manually.

To manually update marks in Insight, either:

  1. Navigate to Enter Data > School Assessments. Load the appropriate mark sheet, and add a + symbol after the relevant scores.
  2. Navigate to Pupils and find a pupil, then click the assessment you need to update and add a + symbol after the score(s).

Special consideration in Insight's reports

Most reports in Insight will evaluate scores with a + as if they were 3 points higher. So, 97+ will be evaluated as 100, i.e. met the expected standard. The adjusted scaled scores are also used in average score measures.

Parent reports using the dedicated KS2 placeholders below do not apply the special consideration, so 97 is still "not met expected standard". This is because special consideration for individual marks should not be reported to parents (however the school's overall percentages as displayed in parent reports will take special consideration into account).

Special consideration not shown to parents

Dedicated parent report placeholders which will not show/evaluate special consideration:

  • {KS2: Reading Scaled Score}
  • {KS2: Reading Has Met}
  • {KS2: Maths Scaled Score}
  • {KS2: Maths Has Met}
  • {KS2: GPS Scaled Score}
  • {KS2: GPS Has Met}

Edge Cases

Where a pupil does not achieve the minimum number of raw score marks needed for STA to award a scaled score, their adjusted scaled score will be set to 80, the minimum scaled score available for the test.

The maximum scaled score remains 120.

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