Editing your list of Key Groups

Insight allows you to group your reports in many different ways. Commonly used grouping options include gender, disadvantage, SEND and EAL. But Insight also provides a Key Group option, which acts as a one-stop-shop so you can see a summary of results for all the main groups you are interested at the click of a button.

As you'd expect from Insight, the list of key groups is not fixed; you can edit it to include any group you wish including bespoke groups. To do this, head to Admin > Change School Settings > Key Groups, or read on!

In this help guide, we'll learn how to edit the Key Group list and apply it to a report.

1) Applying the default Key Group option to a report

The above report is an Attainment Overview report, which you will probably be familiar with. In many cases, viewing data at the cohort level will be sufficient but often you will want a further breakdown of the data, when reporting to governors for example. We could click on the Group Pupils button and run a number of reports for various groups. Alternatively, we could use the key group option to break the data down by various groups at once:

The Key Groups option produces a report like this:

By default, the groups included are: gender, pupil premium, SEND, EAL and prior attainment bands (based on EYFSP or KS1 as appropriate).

Note that the above report does not contain EAL because this cohort has no EAL pupils.

But what if you want different groups? This is where the Key Groups editor tool comes in.

2) Changing your list of Key Groups

First, click on Admin > Change School Settings

Then select Key Groups from the right hand side menu:

This will bring up the Key Groups editor and we can use this to add and remove groups from the Key Groups list we use for reports

The above screenshot shows the default settings. Note the Add Group button.

Note the 'Include Others' option for some groups. This will provide results for 'other' pupils as well as the group themselves e.g. EAL and Non-EAL. You will probably want to click that where available.

Here, I'm going to remove SEND and EAL, and add term of birth and 'Joined In/Before YR'. To do this we need to click on the trash icon beside those groups we want to remove and click the Add Group button to add more groups to the list.

Note that you can also add Interventions/Groups to your list. There are the bespoke groups you can set up via Enter Data.
Once you have edited your list of Key Groups, make sure you click the Save button.

Having removed SEND and EAL, and added Joined In/Before YR and Term of Birth, my Key Groups list is now as follows:

3) Running the report again with the new Key Groups

We can now go back to the report we looked at earlier and, again, select Key Groups from the Group Pupils dropdown menu. This time SEND are removed and we can see a breakdown by Term of Birth.

Despite adding 'Joined In/Before YR' to the list, there are are no results shown for this group. This is because all pupils in this cohort joined in reception and it is therefore the same as 'All Pupils'. If you have mobility in your year groups then data for that group would appear.

We hope this help guide has been useful. Don't forget there are plenty of other help guides available covering all aspects of the system. Just search for key words.

And if you get stuck, then please get in touch.

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