Tracking Phonics

If you want help about recording the results of your Phonics Screening Check, please see our guide How to record the Phonics Screening Check

There are a number of options available for schools who want to record their phonics tracking within Insight. Whether you want to track phonics phases, mock test scores or objectives, we can create something that will suit the needs of your school.

Phonics Phases

Schools can record the phase a pupil is working at. Some schools simply record a phase from 1 - 6 while others break those phases down into smaller steps to get a better idea of where pupils sit within a particular phase. For example, Phase 3 Emerging, Phase 3 Developing, Phase 3 Secure.

We can add evaluations to these marks if you wish. Below is an example of what these evaluations may look like although they can be customised to fit the expectations of your school.

Evaluations are optional, but without them Insight can't perform much analysis of the data. For more information about the Attainment Report, Progress Report and Progress Matrix, please click to view our help guides.

Mock Phonics Scores

In the build up to the Phonics Screening, some school will record scores using tests from previous years. If you would like 32 as the 'pass mark' you can use our preset 'Phonics Scores (0-40)' mark scheme. However, we can also add bespoke evaluations that change depending on the year group and term. The table below shows one possible way of setting this up.

Please get in touch if you would like your own 'Mock Phonics' mark scheme with bespoke thresholds.

You can view both 'Phonics Phases' and 'Phonics Scores' assessments in our reports, including Ladders. You can also group and/or filter in the usual ways, for example, SEN, Pupil Premium, Disadvantaged etc.

Phonics Objectives

If your school has phonics objectives, these can be added to Insight to allow you to make formative assessments. Insight doesn't have any preset objectives but if you send us what you would like to see, we can add them for you.

Some schools like to track children's knowledge of the individual letter and sounds. We can set up grids with the phonemes, grouped into their phases, to help you spot gaps in learning.

We can also create grids of the high frequency and 'tricky' words, should you wish to track them. You can have separate grids for reading the words and spelling the words if this would be useful.

These are just some of the ways we can track phonics within Insight. If you had another method in mind, just get in touch and we can set something up for you.

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