Pupil Profile Characteristics: FSM, PP, etc

Insight records common characteristic/profile statuses separately from a school's own custom provisions/groups. You'll see this on the Pupils page:

pupil profile
Editing a Pupil Profile

Admin users of Insight will see an Edit Profile link. Click this to open the pupil profile editor page.

If you have an active MIS sync the page will initially be locked for editing. As the MIS sync runs overnight, any manual changes you make will, potentially, be removed or changed when the sync runs. If you still want to proceed with edits, click Unlock to Edit.

For EAL, there is a top-level check box.

Other statuses are linked to academic years. These are displayed under Per-Year Details.

In addition to Class and SEN, you can update the following statuses:

  • SEND Provision
  • FSM
  • Ever 6 FSM
    • Has been FSM in the past 6 six years, but not before Reception
  • Ever In Care
  • Disadvantaged
    • In Auto, it's Yes if the pupil is 'Ever 6 FSM' or 'Ever in Care'
  • Service Child
  • Pupil Premium - A catch-all that includes any pupil in receipt of any form of pupil premium

Each has the choice of Auto, Yes and No. Yes and No explicitly assign the status, and will update to match the MIS if you have MIS sync enabled. Auto will make Insight infer a status from others, and from previous years.

If a pupil was FSM last year, then Insight assumes they continue to be for following years, until explicitly told otherwise.

Some statuses will infer others, as per this diagram:

Our hope is that mostly schools can leave things set to Auto. However, the explicit options could be useful. For example, if a pupil has FSM today, but isn't officially Pupil Premium yet due to a still pending census.

Your MIS is taken to be the source of truth. If you change anything in Insight, then conflicting information from your MIS, Insight will update to match the MIS' information.

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