Filters & Groups: Ever 6 FSM

You can use Insight's filtering and grouping options to report on your Ever 6 FSM children.


How does Insight determine which pupils are Ever 6 FSM?

Insight determines whether a child is Ever 6 FSM or not based on their Interventions and Groups. The right information should pull through automatically from SIMS when you update your pupils via a CTF.

Insight looks for children with an Intervention/group called:

  • FSM or Free schools meals at any time in the last 6 years, relative to the academic year chosen
  • Ever 6 or Ever 6 FSM in the chosen academic year (this lets you manually include children whose FSM history isn't in Insight).
Tip: Insight only looks for the exact Interventions/groups above. If you've been using similar terminology which isn't being picked up, let us know and we'll update it for you or add it to our list!

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