Overview of Formative Assessment (Objectives)

Formative assessment involves adding attainment marks to Objectives.

We've put together this 6 minute video as a general introduction to using the Objectives page of Insight.

It covers:

  • How to load Objectives grids and what you should see on the page;
  • How to enter assessments against objectives, including how to do this for several pupils or objectives;
  • How to delete assessments when you've made a mistake;
  • What the summary data rows are telling you about your assessments;
  • How to make your overall teacher assessment above the grids;
  • How to assess pupils who are working out of year.

Do bear in mind that what you see in your Insight account might differ to what you see in the demo - Insight will have been (or can be!) customised to match your school's approach. You might have different objective grids, different statements, different assessment options or even different summary data.

Things this video doesn't cover that may be useful are:

Just get in touch if you have any questions!

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