Password Security - Recommended Practices

Insight is a store of potentially very sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII), so password security is paramount. This guide details our recommended practices for password security.

Password security recommendations

  • Long passwords, such as short sentences, are the most secure.
  • Please don't share passwords with anyone else. Each user at your school or trust should have their own access to Insight.
  • It's best not to write passwords down.
  • It's recommended not to use the same password on different websites. Remembering lots of long, unique passwords is difficult however! Password managers can help with this.
If you're using long, secure passwords, they don't need changing frequently, as is sometimes recommended. The National Cyber Security Centre favour length of passwords over expiration, so Insight won't ask you to change your password after any given length of time.
Screening new passwords

To help keep Insight secure, we check passwords against the top 100 breached passwords. If you choose one of these passwords you'll see an error message, for example:

Password error message

Sorry if this causes you trouble! Please try choosing a longer password.

If you continue to have difficulties, get in touch for advice.

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