Filters & Groups: KS1 Attainment Bands

Insight can calculate High/Middle/Low attainment bands for pupils using statutory data from the end of Key Stage 1. Pupils currently in KS2 will be banded using KS1 SATs. This can be used for filtering and/or grouping your pupils across the system.

KS1 Prior Attainment Bands

For pupils currently in KS2 or above, Insight looks for SATs Teacher Assessments recorded in Y2, for the Summer(2) term, in the subjects Reading, Writing and Maths.

Prior Attainment Bands can only be calculated if this statutory SAT data is present.

Bands for current assessment framework SATs

From 2015-2016 onward, pupils have KS1 SATs using results like WTS, EXS, GDS, etc. For the 2021-22 Year 6 cohort, the DfE produced a specification for the attainment bands which is included in the Primary Accountability document.

Insight uses this specification, including for pupils who were assessed under the Interim Assessment Framework (PKF for Pre-Key Stage Standards) and the non-interim framework (PK1-PK4 for Pre-Key Stage Standards)

As it is useful to group pupils by Prior Attainment Band, Insight also supports this.

The method is detailed below.

Individual Key Stage 1 subject teacher assessments from 2018 are converted into points as outlined in the table below.

National curriculum teacher assessment

Point score

Working at greater depth (GDS)


Working at the expected standard (EXS)


Working towards the expected standard (WTS)










Foundations for the expected standard (PKF)


Below the standard of the pre-key stage standards (BLW)


M – Missing, D – Disapplied, A – Absent


P-Scale points values range from 0.25 (P1i) to 2.75 (P8).

A pupil’s Key Stage 1 point scores for English reading, English writing and mathematics are then combined to give them a Key Stage 1 average point score (APS).

The average point score is weighted 50:50 for English and mathematics, as this provides a strong correlation to Key Stage 2 results in all three subjects – English reading, English writing and mathematics.

This is calculated by working out an average score for English (reading and writing) and giving this equal weight alongside mathematics.

Once we have our APS, the bands are applied as follows:

Lower prior attainers achieved an average point score of below 7.

Middle prior attainers achieved an average point score of 7 or higher and less than or equal to 8.

High prior attainers achieved an average point score of higher than 8.

Unknown Prior Attainment are pupils without key stage 1 results against the new framework.

Bands for old-style SATs (Levels)

For pupils with old NC Levels, the following formula determines their band:

Score = (Reading + Writing + Maths + Maths) ÷ 4
If Score < 12 then Band = Low
Else if Score < 18 then Band = Middle
Otherwise Band = High

Missing Data

If any assessment data is missing, then Insight will display the attainment band as Data Missing.

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