Data Subject Access Requests

Under the European General Data Protection Regulation any organisation that processes personal data has to be able to provide a copy of that data to any individual whose data is being processed, known as a Data Subject. These regulations were incorporated into UK law under the Data Protection Act 2018 and will still apply once the UK leaves the European Union. Should you receive a Data Subject Access Request from a parent or guardian, Insight has an easy way of exporting all the data:

  1. Use the Search box at the top to find the pupil's page:

  1. Click on the Export button at the top of the Profile section:

This will produce an Excel spreadsheet in a zipped file in your computer's Downloads folder. The filename will be the pupil's UPN number and it should be small enough to send in a suitable format to the parent or guardian. It can be viewed with free Open Office software if Microsoft Office is not available. Please make sure you fully delete the file from your Downloads folder and computer Trash once it has been sent.

If you have any other questions about data protection in Insight please contact our Data Protection Officer at

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