How to send us historical data and objective files

It's easy to send us your pre-trial summative assessment data and any objective files once they're prepared.

Please do not email assessment data or objective statements to us. Uploading them through Insight is more secure and will ensure we get to your case as quickly as possible.

During your free trial, log into Insight and look for section 4. Upload Historic Data and Objectives on the Home screen. Here you can upload files and add comments/notes if needed:

Find step 4 on the trial Home screen

If you've already subscribed, click Help in the top right and choose Contact Us to send files and queries.

Please note that we're only able to offer processing of historical assessment data. Once that's all in, your staff can put future assessments straight into Insight. If you're changing objective statements, we're happy to help with at any point since it can be a little fiddly.


Provided your pupils are loaded into Insight, our dedicated data processing team usually process files within 2 weeks of receiving them.

If you're waiting on setting up a Wonde MIS sync, it's worth importing a CTF of pupils so we can get started on your data.

Note that if you are part of a Trust, in some cases we may need Trust approval before any changes can be carried out.

Checking your data

We'll email you when we've finished processing any files you send. Please check everything through carefully in Insight. Access the Help centre in the bottom right to send any queries.

By default, we keep your uploaded files for 12 months. In our experience this gives us a good window for cross-checking in the event of queries about what we've imported (eg concerns about missed files, etc). If you want to delete files sooner, your Admin users can do so by clicking the school or trust name in the top right and choosing Admin > Uploaded Files.

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