Sending across historic data files

As part of your free trial, we're happy to process any historic summative data files which you may wish to send across to us, such as Teacher Judgements, tests, PIRA and PUMA data etc, so you can get a real feel for how Insight works using your own data.

So we can process your files as quickly as possible, here's a few things that's helpful for us to know:

  • Check that the files contain children’s full names.

  • You don’t usually need to send us statutory data, such as SATs, Phonics or EYFSP as that should be imported automatically from your MIS as part of your pupil imports.

  • Remember to send us a key or reference guide if the data uses coloured cells instead of marks.

  • Check that your files are unprotected, and if we need a password to open them, be sure to let us know what it is.

  • Please don’t send us your data as a PDF or as an image or JPEG as we can't lift data from these types of files – Excel or Word documents are the preferred format.

  • Do check that your files are clearly labelled with year groups, subjects and terms the data relates to.

  • Please don’t send us any formative assessment files, as we don't have an easy way of importing this type of data into Insight. We usually find that as teachers are happy to assess where children are for the current term, you usually don't need the historical objective data transferred across (as long as you have a copy of it somewhere).

Remember to zip your files up – don’t spend more time than you need to uploading individual files to us.

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