Transferring to another system from Insight

If you are thinking of leaving Insight or have found an alternative provider, we're sorry to see you go. This guide will help you ensure a smooth transition to your new provider. It will also explain what to keep hold of in case you'd like to use Insight again in future.

Extracting your Data

You must ensure that you extract/export any data you wish to retain before your subscription expires.

When you request cancellation, we'll email you to confirm and let you know the date that your subscription will expire. Before that date, you should:

  1. Have an admin user log into your account and export a backup file. They'll need to navigate to Account > Admin > School - Export all data. This will generate a zip file containing all pupils, assessments, etc, which you can then download (if you're in a Multi-Academy Trust, you'll need to download each school's backup file individually). This data is in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable, 'csv' format. Please note that this backup-file is designed for other providers to work with - they will need to prepare a script or other process for importing the data. It is not a file designed for manual use.
  2. If you wish to extract your data in other formats - perhaps for ease of use by your school staff - you will need to export any reports as you want them prior to the end of your subscription. For example, you may download tabular data for each cohort from the Tables report, and copies of curriculum assesssments from the Objectives page.

Please note that once your agreement has ended, we will not be able to retrieve any data for you beyond the backup file, which we can export for a further 30 days.

Returning to Insight

Sometimes schools pick up Insight again in future. If the opportunity arises to welcome you back, we'll be able to get you up and running very quickly using the backup file. We recommend you securely store these just in case.

Data Retention

In accordance with our Terms of Service, our agreement with you ends 30 days after the expiry of your Subscription Period. At that time all the data belonging to you and which is stored in your Insight account is automatically and irretrievably deleted from our database. This is because we will no longer have a legal basis for continuing to process and store your data.

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