Help with Third Party Systems

From time to time customers ask us to help when there's an issue extracting data from a system other than Insight.

We like to think this is a testament to the effectiveness of our support, but unfortunately we're not able to support third party systems and we encourage you to contact other providers directly for support.

We have a strict policy against logging into or otherwise viewing third party systems, since this may inadvertently put a customer in breach of the third party's terms, and may expose our staff to personal or proprietary data that we shouldn't have access to.

If, as a customer, you're having trouble getting your data out of another system, please do contact them. Even if you're ending your contract with a provider, you have a legal right to have your data returned to you under GDPR, where you are the Data Controller and the third party is a Data Processor:

"the processor must delete or return all personal data to the controller (at the controller’s choice) at the end of the contract" (from ICO guidance)

Your Terms and Conditions / Contract or Data Processing Agreement should include details about this right.

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