Mark Schemes: Age

The Age mark scheme lets you to enter pupil age assessments into Insight. 

Pupil ages can be entered in years and months, either as a decimal or in the format Xy Xm. For example, a score of 8 years and 9 months would be entered as either 8.9 or 8y 9m.

If you enter an Assessment Date alongside an Age assessment, Insight can calculate the child's actual age at the date of the assessment and evaluate the result as green (at expectation) or red (below expectation). Insight will show the number of months between the child's actual age and assessed age.

If an age assessment is not coloured, it means there is no assessment date for it, so Insight can't calculate how old the pupil was at the time of the assessment. To add an assessment date to previous results, reload the mark sheet (Enter data - School Assessments) and add the date of the test at the top.

The number in brackets is the difference between the assessment age and the pupil's chronological age at the date of the test, in completed months. 

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