Manually Archiving Pupils

When a pupil leaves the school you can archive them in Insight by setting a leaving date. Once archived a pupil won't be included in cohort reports, but you'll still be able to view their individual report page (just search for them by name in the search bar).

How to Archive Pupils who've Left the School

You can run the Update Pupils process at any time to sync your pupil roll from your MIS. This will automatically archive any children who are no longer in the school.

There are also two ways you can manually archive a pupil: 

  1. Set the Leaving Date on the Pupil's page
    Navigate to Pupils and find the pupil you need to archive (or search their name in the search bar). Click on the Edit Profile link on their Profile tab:
    Edit Profile link on a pupil's Profile tab
    Set the Left school on date and click the Save button:
  2. Set the Leaving Date from the Manage Pupils page
    Go to Account > Admin then Manage Pupils:
Admin-Manage Pupils

Search for a pupil by name and press Search:


Click Edit next to the pupil you want to archive:


Set the Left school on date and click the Save button:

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