Filters & Groups: Pupil Premium

How does Insight determine which pupils are Pupil Premium?

By default, Insight includes as Pupil Premium any children who it determines are currently receiving PP funding, or will in future, based on the information stored in their Interventions and Groups.

For example, Insight will include a pupil who has an intervention/group called FSM, starting this academic year. Although the school won't have received funding for this pupil yet, they will next year. Insight therefore lists them as a Pupil Premium child.

If you would like Insight to instead include only those children who are currently funded, you can adjust this in your settings. Go to Admin > Change School Settings, and you'll see the options there (Administrators only). The cut off date which Insight then uses to determine whether pupils currently receive funding or not is the third Thursday of January in the previous academic year.

When determining whether a child is Pupil Premium, Insight looks for the following intervention/group names:

  • FSM, Service Child, Adopted or In Care at any time in the last 7 years.
  • Pupil Premium or Ever 6 FSM in the chosen academic year. This lets you manually include children who Insight isn't automatically picking up.

Except for the Adopted flag, which will have to be managed manually, the right information should pull through automatically from SIMS when you update your pupils via a CTF. If you need to manage flags manually you'll need to update pupils' interventions and groups.

Insight only looks for the exact Interventions/group names above. If you've been using similar terminology which isn't being picked up, let us know and we'll update it for you.

You can use Insight's filtering and grouping options to report on your Pupil Premium children.



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