Entering Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) data

The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) is the statutory assessment of children at the end of reception. You can enter this assessment manually, or Insight can automatically calculate children's EYFSP results based on your schools' teacher assessments for each subject. This means you can have a summer assessment recorded in your own school's assessment format and language, as well as having the official EYFSP results, without having to enter two lots of assessments.

Whichever method you need, navigate to Enter Data > Statutory Assessments to complete your EYFSP assessments. Using this page ensures data is entered in the exact format needed to generate a Common Transfer File, which can be used to export the data to your MIS (for sending to your LA, etc).

Select the EYFS Profile option and choose your cohort to load the mark sheet. If you want to generate assessments from teacher assessments already entered, click the 'Copy Main Assessment' button:

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