Manually updating SEN

In the normal course of events SEN data will be imported from your MIS to Insight as part of the data upload. However, it is also possible to upload or amend this data manually. 

Manually adding SEN data for a pupil

Select pupil by either searching for them in the Search pupils bar at the top of the page, or within the Pupils section:

SEN Select pupil

Below the pupil's name on their page is the Profile section which shows the current SEN status:

Profile SEN

Click on Edit Profile to open the Pupil Profile screen:

Edit Pupil Profile

The SEN column will allow you to set the pupil's SEN status for the current year. Click on the cell in the table and choose the suitable SEN status from the available list. 

Edit SEN history

Please note that "Auto" means the status is inherited from previous years, or inferred from other statuses. If you need to amend the SEN status for any other academic years then click on the "Edit details for other academic years" link. This will open a table showing all the year groups for the pupil:

Select SEN History

Select Save and the SEN status will be updated on the Pupil page:

History updated

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