Manually updating SEN

In the normal course of events SEN data will be imported from your MIS to Insight as part of the data upload, however, it is also possible to make uploads or amends manually. 

Manually adding SEN data for a pupil

Select pupil by either searching for them in the Search pupils bar at the top of the page, or within the Pupils section:

SEN Select pupil

Scroll down the pupil's page until you see the SEN Status section:

SEN scroll down

Click on Update SEN History:

Update SEN history

A box will then appear, which will allow you to edit or remove existing SEN entries. You can add another SEN Entry by clicking on the blue Add Another SEN Entry text:

Edit SEN history

You will then see today's date with a drop down box to select the SEN. Once selected, hit the green arrow on the right hand side to add to the SEN history:

Select SEN History

Select Save Changes and the SEN will be added to the history:

History updated

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