Demographics Report - National Statistics sources

The Reports > Demographics report compares pupil demographics data to national figures.

National figures come from the government's Explore our statistics and data website and the Compare Schools service.

Insight aims to show national figures for the current year. Where these are unavailable we will use figures from the previous year. If you think any figure is out of date or incorrect, please contact the Insight support team.

Primary schools

Insight uses the national data for state-funded English primary schools. This excludes secondaries and special schools.


The demographics report shows the percentage of pupils eligible for FSM in the last 6 years (FSM6) because the national comparator is readily available. Unfortunately, the national percentage of disadvantaged pupils is not currently published.

Current Data

The most recent data used by Insight is as follows:

2022-2023 data

Pupil Groups

Source - education statistics

Minority Ethnic Background - 34.8%

EAL - 21.2%

SEND (all) - 15.3%

SEN Support - 13.0%

EHCP - 2.3%

Ever 6 FSM - 25.9% (Source - education statistics)


Whole year absence figures are provided where available. 2021/22 absence figures are for the full academic year. These figures are repeated for 2022/23 year.

Source - education statistics

Absence National - 6.3%

Authorised Absence - 4.8%

Unauthorised Absence - 1.5%

Persistent Absence - 17.7%

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