National Statistics in Demographics Report

The Cohorts > Demographics report compares pupil demographics data to national figures.

National figures come from the government's Explore our statistics and data website.

Insight aims to get the latest available national data. However, the current academic year's data will often be a copy of the previous year's data. If you think any figure is out of date or incorrect, please contact the Insight support team.

Primary schools

Insight uses the national data for state-funded English primary schools. This excludes secondaries and special schools.

Absence figures

From academic year 2019/20 onwards, Insight uses the national Autumn term absence figures. School closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean full year data is not available.

Ever 6 FSM

Since 2020/21, the government does not publish figures for the percentage of pupils who are Ever 6 FSM. Insight is currently re-using the figure from 2019/20.

In future, the report may instead show the percentage of pupils currently recorded as FSM.

Academic year 2021/22

The national figures for 2021/22 are a copy of of 2020/21. They will be updated later in the year, once new data is released.

The Ever 6 FSM figure is a copy of 2019/20 (see above).

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