Custom Parent Reports - initial admin setup

Staff with admin access to Insight can customise your Custom Parent Reports setup, based on the school’s requirements. The two things to configure are “Comment Titles” and “Report Templates”. This guide will explain the steps involved.

Go to Cohorts > Parent Reports > Custom Parent Reports to get started.

Comment Titles

Comment titles define the types of comment boxes needed in reports. By default, Insight just provides a “Teacher Comment”. Many schools add other titles, such as a Head’s Comment, Reading Target, and other subject-specific comments.

On the Custom Parent Report page, in the Admin box, click Change comment titles. This opens the Comment Titles page that lists the titles and lets you change them.

To add a comment title click Add. Type the title into the blank box, then click Save.

You’ll be taken back to the Custom Parent Reports screen, where a new comment box is now available for each pupil.

Report Templates

Report templates are Microsoft Word documents. They define what a report looks like and where to insert various pupil details, assessments and comments.

From the Custom Parent Reports page, in the Admin section, click Change report templates.

This page allows you to download and upload report templates. The page also includes information about report template placeholders.

Insight provides a default report template, useful as a starting point for your own reports. Click Download, save the file to your computer and then open it in Word.

Note the report contains text within braces: “{“ and “}”. These are placeholders, which tell Insight where to insert data when generating the reports.

There are three types of placeholder:

  • Pupil details – such as name, class, attendance
  • Comments – these reference the comment titles you set up previously
  • Assessments – any assessments saved in Insight can be inserted

Pupil details and comment placeholders can be copied from the Report Templates page, and then pasted into the Word template.

Assessment placeholders are more complex because they must say exactly which assessment to include. The page provides a set of selection boxes to pick the assessment, and then generates the placeholder code to be copied.

Once your report template is finished, save it on your computer. Then back on the Report Templates page, click Upload Report Template. Choose your file when prompted. It will be uploaded to Insight and displayed in the table on screen.

Upload more than one template. Insight allows you to upload multiple templates so you can have separate versions for the various key stages and year groups, if required.

To upload more templates, click Change Report Templates in the main Custom Parent Reports menu.

Then select Upload New Report Template. In the example below, three templates have been uploaded to Insight.

Report templates are shared across the whole schools, so all staff can use them. Simply click on the on the Report Template button to select the required version.

With comment titles and templates set up, your school is ready to enter comments and download reports.

Please contact the Insight support team if you need any help.

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