Assembly - Authorising Insight's data access

After setting up your Assembly account, you'll be able to "Authorise an App". At this point you need to log into Insight and authorise the connection from there.

Insight will request access to particular sets of data known as "scopes". These define which data Insight (via Assembly) is allowed to pull automatically from your MIS. Some scopes are required for Insight to work, and some are optional.

Authorising Insight's data access

1 - You need to click the authorise button in Insight by going to Admin --> Manage Pupils --> Update Pupils --> Assembly

  • New schools to Assembly will see:
  • Schools Already with Assembly will see:

2 - This should take you to the Assembly login screen. After logging in, you should be presented with the Data Access Request screen (shown below). You'll need to verify that you want Insight to be able to access the required scopes of your school’s data.

If you don't see the Data Access Request screen after entering your Assembly login details, leave the screen open, go back to Insight and try clicking the authorise button again (step 1 above).

3 - Insight has some optional scopes. You'll need to opt-in to agree to share this data by ticking the box next to each scope name. If you decide not to share this additional data, you will still be able to authorise and use Insight.

4. Once you have checked the scopes, you can authorise the app. Data will be fetched upon the next Assembly data sync.

Note: Only click Authorise App if you have authority to do so. Please check the scopes that you are authorising.

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