Sending historical data from SPTO

If you're sending us historical teacher assessments for importing into Insight, please follow the steps below - this will provide key summative assessment data in a user-friendly format which we can easily process.

Please don't use SPTO's "Easy Exporting Tool" to send us assessment data.

You might still want to use SPTO's Easy Exporting tool, for exporting complete historical records when you move away from the system (see their guide here), but you don't need to send us anything from there.

Exporting Long Term and Short Term grids for Insight

Use the long term and short term menu items in SPTO.

The long term grids contain end of year data going back to the start of reception. You should be able to generate one of these per subject, containing the whole school. Click Excel export to download. See SPTO's guide here for more details.

You can optionally send us short-term grids as well, which will contain term by term assessments. See SPTO's guide here for more details.

How to send us your data

Once you've got your Excel files ready, just head to Insight and click Help > Send us an email. You can send through your files there (a single zipped file works too). Let us know in the notes if there's anything specific we need to know - for example if you've used SPTO to assess in a non-standard way.

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