Recording and exporting Phonics results: Autumn 2020

During the 2020/21 autumn term primary schools in England have a statutory duty to administer the phonics screening check for their current year 2 pupils. These are the pupils that missed out on completing the assessment when they were in year 1 - in June 2020 - due to the break in schooling. Year 3 pupils that missed a year 2 resit in June are not included in this and no data will be collected for those pupils.

Schools must complete the assessment by administering a previous year's phonics check by the end of the autumn term. To reiterate, this applies to all current year 2 pupils. Any year 2 pupils that do not pass it in the autumn term will retake it in June with the current year 1 pupils.

The guidance published here contains the following timeline for data collection and submission.

Normally, schools would use the statutory assessment data entry screen to input the data into Insight. However, that tool is designed to capture data in the summer term and must be kept clear for that purpose. To capture phonics data for year 2 in the autumn term - an additional assessment - we will need to take a different route.

Entering autumn term phonics scores for Year 2

1) Click on the 'enter data' button in Insight and then select 'school assessments'.

2) Select the following options:

3) Click 'load mark sheet' and enter the scores.

This will store the autumn term phonics scores for year 2 pupils.

Sending the data to the LA

Schools will have to submit this data to the LA by 22nd January 2021 (see timeline above). The easiest way to do this is by building and exporting a table in Insight.

1) Click on cohorts - tables

2) Change the year group to year 2 using dropdown (yellow box) and click 'Edit Table' (green arrow) to add columns of data to your table. We are going to add a one column for UPN and another for autumn phonics scores.

3) Once you have clicked 'Edit Table', click 'Add Column' button and choose to add 'Pupil Info Column'

4) Select UPN from the bottom of the list of pupil information and click 'Add Column To Table'. You should see the column of UPNs appear next to pupil names. Then click the 'Back' button to add another column (see yellow box).

5) Click the 'Add Column' button again and this time choose to add an 'Assessment Column'. This will allow us to add the column of phonics scores for the autumn term.

6) Select the following criteria to add the phonics score to the table. You may have to scroll down through your list of assessments to find 'Phonics Score' under the subheading 'Statutory Assessments'. Then click 'Add Column To Table'.

7) Click 'Finished' button and then click 'Re-order Columns' to move the UPN column before the pupil names. To do this, simply drag and drop the UPN column to the top of the list.

8) Your table should now look like this with UPN in the first column, followed by name and phonics score.

9) Now click the green 'Save' button and name your table.

In future you can find your table by returning to 'Tables' via the cohorts menu and clicking 'Open'. If you have made any changes to the data in the interim, that will be reflected in the table when you revisit it.

10) And finally, download the table by clicking on the 'Download' button (yellow box). This will export the table to excel, which you can then send to your LA.

You can add more columns if you LA requires additional data. Simply open the table, click the 'Edit Table' button and follow the steps 2-6 above.

We hope that this help guide has been useful. Please get in touch if you need an additional help.

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