Assembly - Reconnecting SIMS

Depending on your school's settings you may need to contact your IT provider to complete this set up. You'll also need a person with SIMs Admin access.

Step 1 - Sign into Assembly

1 - Go to the Assembly platform sign in page. Then go to Step 2.

If you don't have an account then you will need to sign up to Assembly to create a new user for your school:

1 - Go to the Assembly Platform sign up page.

2 - Please complete the registration with your school/work email address.

You'll need an invite code which you can find in Insight by going to Admin --> Manage Pupils --> Update Pupils --> Assembly. The red text is the invite code. (Please keep this page open, you will need it later.)

Ensure that you have read and accepted the terms of service, then click Sign up.

3 - An email will be sent to the address you signed up with. Click the link in that email to activate your Assembly account.

Step 2 - Finding the password for your SIMS user

1 - Open SIMS and navigate to Focus > System Manager > Manage Users.

2. Click on Search at the top of the screen change Role to Any and search for Surname: Assembly Forename: User

3. Copy down the password for this account as you will need it next.

Step 3 - Reinstalling the Assembly connector

This is where you may need an IT technician if you don't have the permission to download the application or it fails to download.

1 - On the assembly platform please click the connector tab and then the green Download SIMs Assembly Installer button.

2 - Run/Open the .exe and click Get Started when prompted.

3 - Click Connect (no details needed)

If step 3 fails then follow step 9 on this guide.

4 - Click Finish.

5 -  Enter your unique Key and Secret to authenticate your connection. These can be found on the same page as the download button and by scrolling to the bottom of the page. You can copy by highlighting the text and use the keyboard shortcuts 'Ctrl' + 'c' to copy and 'Ctrl' + 'v' to paste.

6 - Click Next Step.

7 - The next screen should autofill the details as shown here:

If not then:

Hostname can be found by going into SIMs and clicking help --> System information -->SQL Server name (the example is blank for privacy):

Database is SIMS

Username is Assembly.User

Password is the one copied down earlier when you set up the Assembly account in SIMS.

8 - Click Authenticate. Then once successful click Finish to complete the process.

9 - Now that everything has been connected it will take about 30mins for the first sync depending on the amount of data to pull from SIMS to Insight.

Once complete your assembly page in Insight (Admin --> Manage Pupils --> Update Pupils --> Assembly) will look similar to the following (with the current date for all three areas):

Further Help

If you have any problems with the above then please contact technical support.

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