Filters & Groups: KS1 Attainment Bands

You can use Insight’s filtering and grouping options to report on your Y4 to Y6 pupils based on their KS1 Attainment Bands.

The KS1 Attainment Band can only be calculated for pupils who have Levels results for their KS1 SATs. Children who took their SATs in 2015-16 onwards will have the new style SATs results (EXS, GDS, etc). As there's no official formula for calculating an overall Attainment Band from these results we can't allocate a KS1 Attainment Band.

How does Insight determine pupils' KS1 Attainment Band?

Insight classifies your KS2 pupils as Low, Middle and High Attainers, or "KS1 Attainment Bands", using the same calculations as RAISEonline [see Appendix E - KS2 Progress, p52, of the RAISEonline Methodology Guidance].

From 2016, a pupil’s reading and writing results are combined to give an English component. This is combined with the mathematics to give the KS1 APS, so that English and mathematics are equally weighted:

A pupil's KS1 Attainment Band is then determined by classifying a pupil's KS1 APS as follows:

KS1 Low Attainers: Less than 12 points
KS1 Middle Attainers: Between 12 and 17.99 points
KS1 High Attainers: 18 points or higher

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