Entering Baseline Assessments

This short guide explains how to enter baseline assessments into Insight using the Enter Data page, by recording them under the term Entry.

If you need detailed guidance on entering summative data and using the Enter Data page, please see this guide first:
Entering Teacher Assessments, Tests and Targets

You can enter baseline assessments into Insight via the Enter Data page. Click Enter Data, then Assessments and Targets, to get started:

On the next screen, choose your pupils and assessment details as normal and choose Entry as the term:

When you're ready, click the Load Mark Sheet button and you'll be able to enter your baseline data on the next page.


Subject Groups

If you have Subject Groups set up in your school, selecting one will let you enter data for all subjects within that group at once. If you have an EYFS subject group set up, that means you can enter reception baseline data for all 17 aspects at once:

It’s a subject group if it has the subject names indented below it. Most schools have an EYFS subject group by default.

Assessment Names

You can usually use the assessment name Main Assessment for your baseline data, especially if you're recording a teacher assessment for entry into the year. That means Insight will be able to measure progress between your baseline and later assessments, if your assessment approach includes a linear measure of progress.

If you're recording a baseline test, for example a reception baseline test which gives Standardised Scores, you may choose to use an assessment name like Baseline Test, or one that matches the name of the test, such as CEM Baseline.

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