Extended Free Trial scheme

If you want to try Insight but you're tied in somewhere else, why wait? You can now try Insight for free until your existing contract ends. Run both systems alongside each other and see how they stack up!

As with our usual free trial, this includes a fully featured system and dedicated support to help get you started. Our data team are on hand to help you get your existing data into the system, and there are no obligations to continue or hidden charges. Take advantage of our free setup, training and data consultation calls. At the end of the trial period, if you want to keep Insight, you can purchase a subscription and any data simply rolls forward into your active system (no need to start from scratch).

This offer applies to trials starting 1st November 2020 onwards, for any contract which has 12 months or fewer until expiry. We'll just ask to see some evidence of the term of your existing contract.

Contact sales@insighttracking.com to get started and/or book a free online demo here!

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