Sending us your objectives

Whether you're starting your new trial, or you've been with us for a while now, we're always happy to help with any changes you'd like to make to your objectives.

So we can process your files as quickly as possible, here's a few things that's helpful for us to know:

  • New set or updates? If you already have objectives grids set up and you're sending us updates, remember to let us know if your current sets are to be archived or if the new statements are additional to these. It may be that you simply want us to help by editing your current statements.

  • Which periods should we use? Let us know how you’d like your periods to be set up if it isn’t clear from your objectives files - for example is it at Key Stage level such as LKS1, KS1, UKS2 etc, combined year groups, such as Y1-2, Y3-4 and Y5-6 or simply individual year groups such as Y1, Y2, Y3 etc. (Note - a "period" defines when an objective is typically covered in school. It could be a single year, range of years, or a whole key stage).

  • Are you using a standard set of statements? It's worth checking with us before sending your objectives over, as we have the National Curriculum, Assessment Framework, Development Matters and other pre-processed objective sets ready for schools to use, and so unless you have a custom version of these, there’s probably no need for you to upload your files.

Please don’t send us your objectives as images or JPEGs as we can't lift text from these types of files. Word or Excel documents are great, and PDFs are fine as long as the text can be selected and copied.

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